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Family business of coffee producers with over one hundred years of trajectory in coffee cultivation, and more than ten years experience in coffee industrialization and commercialization.

Coffee processing company distinguished by high and fine quality coffee, which is carefully selected from the farms where conservation techniques and environmental awareness is applied.


Brumas del Zurquí, was born as a necessity due the low prices of coffee. The family Rodríguez Carballo, traditionally coffee producers since 1880 decided to continue in the activity that has been its economic base.

The initial idea was to give a new plus value to the coffee, continue with the activity, maintain the team work and achieve a sustainable production system with economic viability, environmental awareness and social security.

In the past few years, Brumas del Zurquí has ​​increased its efforts to maintain an adequate production process, a high quality product. For this reason, it has maintained a constant innovation in order to optimize the technical process implemented, which guarantees the excellence of the product and consistency in the quality of the cup. They also mantain a industrialization process under conservation techniques and environmental awareness, with the aim of not contaminating the environment and using the byproducts that balance the productive system

Awards and Honours.

Cup of Excellence:

2012: 1º Place

2013: 7º & 12º Places

2014: 10º & 18º Places

2015: 2º & 6º Places

2016: 2º & 20º Places



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